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1.Delivery cycle: We will send it to you within 48 hours after your order and payment

2.Group purchase customization: Provide enterprise group purchase, group order, etc.

3.Payment method: PAYPAL online payment

4.Delivery method: Most of our products are shipped from Amazon warehouse, and some products are shipped from Hangzhou, China by Yanwen Express.

5.How to clean the thermos cup:
Thermos cup daily cleaning tips: 1, you can pour some hot vinegar into the bottle, close the lid, gently shake, place for half an hour, and then wash with clean water, the scale is removed.  2 add 50 grams of baking soda, bottle and a glass of water, cover the lid, gently shaking, place half an hour, then use clean water.  3, will be broken egg shell in the bottle, pour a few drops of detergent and right amount water, cover the lid, shake up, finally rinse off with clear water.